Why the Silverfoxx Method?

It allows you to learn
quickly and accurately

It orients the students towards
the most important concepts

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1902, 2019

Corsi in collaborazione con VIVA Lingue: prossima tappa Napoli!

VIVA Lingue è un ente che da ormai 20 anni organizza viaggi studio in Italia e all’estero per ragazzi ma che si concentra anche sulla formazione degli insegnanti che sono il fulcro della crescita culturale, personale, e professionali delle giovani menti che entreranno nel mondo del lavoro. Da alcuni anni Leggi di più

Why choose the Silverfoxx Method?

The Silverfoxx Method is an innovative method of learning English and that allows:

  • keep motivation and interest high
  • empower students with a diversified language foundation based on phonics
  • strengthen grammar structure by allowing natural assimilation
  • reinforce the four communication modes
  • teach flexibility and creative thinking through original examples
  • improve writing skills with specific rules of punctuation.

I recommend this book to all elementary school teachers who decide to adopt this alternative and less traditional method of learning. It is also very useful for students to have a copy as it is compact and contains for 5 years of material.


The second yellow book in the LCD English series illustrated by Linda Larsen with the addition of photographs by Mauro Fochi was conceived for pupils in the early stages of adolescence, in fact for middle schools. For students of other ages the work would be of intermediate level.


The objectives to be achieved in the first two books are excluded in this work. I preferred to talk about my experiences as an American teenager – for better or for worse. These stories are true, not manufactured. They talk about my difficulties in adolescence, the choices I made and sometimes the consequences for the actions undertaken with little wisdom.